☆ upcoming ☆
06.14 - duet with saxophonist BRONZE AGE at church of saint mary the virgin, midtown manhattan (details soon)
07.01 - solo performance, bushwick (details soon)

05.15 - accompanying performance « so close to human » organized by riley hooker and konantü at Creative Time
02.13 - original score and theremin performance for zoe gustavia anna whalen AW2024 runway

11.05 - mv 'can't stop (lovin' u)' w/ dj miss parker
☆ 09.01 - lp 'dance with me' by dj miss parker ft. silas
01.25 - lot radio w/ s. maria

11.14 - dance mix 'limit break'
☆ 07.28 - solo ep 'SSSSLIPS'
04.01 - single 'you and me tonight' w/ dj miss parker
02.04 - single 'alegría' w/ s. maria

☆ 10.12 - mv 'find u again'

12.08 - ep & web essay 'betula'

silas uses voice, theremin, and synthesis to create music, soundscapes, and performances for dancing, walking, or lying down. he does this in new york city. he is one half of the duo freexxone&fuzzee with dj miss parker, and he also plays in liam benzvi's splash band. approaching music with a spirit of experimental curiosity, he is currently researching 31-tone equal temperament and other alternative tuning systems.

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